Workaholic, PHP Guru, and Moose Whisperer

Hmm... About Me?

Well, I love open-source software, computers in general, and I love to fish. I grew up in Florida, but I moved to beautiful Alaska a few years ago. Peace & quiet — and it truly is the last frontier. It's also happens to be a land of very few taxes ~ awesome!

Most days I can be found killing bugs on GitHub. I work with a globally-distributed team (WebSharks, Inc.). We develop primarily PHP-based software applications that run on the WordPress publishing platform. I am best known for my work @ s2Member®.

PHP guru eh? How long have you been at it?

Started when I was 22. I'm now at age 40. So, long enough to become very good at what I do, but not long enough to have become ancient history just yet. ha! I like to keep-up with the latest trends, and I'm big on research & development in general.

Are you crazy? Why did you move all the way up to Alaska?

Yes, I am crazy, but here is why I moved to Alaska. I like to appreciate the world around me & I enjoy living on the edge. Alaska is filled with amazing scenery. Come for a visit. You'll want to stay too! ~ See: Moving to Alaska for info.

Which operating systems do you prefer?

I was a Windows guy for several years, until just recently when I switched to a Mac Pro. Apple's OS X rocks and I absolutely love Homebrew on a Mac. I prefer Ubuntu for servers and I use DigitalOcean for hosting.

Do you take on new projects; i.e., are you available for hire?

Yes, but I charge $1500/hr and you'll need to help me watch out for moose and bear while I'm doing whatever it is you've asked. haha. Seriously though, requests are flattering, but I generally do not take on new projects. I have my hands full at this time.

What is your code editor of choice?

My two favorites are Atom (FOSS by GitHub) and PhpStorm. When I'm writing code I'm normally using Atom. See @jaswsinc's Atom Stars for a list of my favorite packages. I still use PhpStorm occassionally for debugging though.